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Social communications news, links, quotes and thoughts from Kevin Hunt, the Social Media Manager for Global Communications at General Mills.
The future of our careers and our role in both the revolution and evolution is to start with an open mind to see what’s different, to see how things have changed. And then develop strategies that move us in new directions.

After a hectic week of work travel, I couldn’t wait to tell my podcast co-host Arik Hanson all about it.

No, not the boring tales of airports and cabs… The content of two PR/social media conferences I attended (like trends in video produced for YouTube and how big brands are approaching some key decisions about growing social media across the enterprise, global social media reach and paid media).

We kick off episode 3 of The Talking Points Podcast with that discussion.

We also chat about employee advocacy, a journalist’s epic rant about content marketing and ghostwriting, the trustworthiness of sponsored content, and the new analytics dashboard from Twitter.

Here’s episode 3.

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SHOW NOTES - July 17, 2014

"Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme"

“Content Used to Be King. Now It’s the Joker”

“Corporate Social Media 2014: A Stage of Maturity?”

“Study: Sponsored Content Has a Trust Problem”

“Twitter Tells Brands They Could Reach 30% of Their Followers for Free”

"Meet Minneapolis Creates Hashtag For Visitors With ASG Questions"

Stop thinking about moving elements of your website into mobile and start thinking about your customers’ mobile moments.
When companies invest in relationships with customers, employees, prospects and partners, they reap benefits measured in competitiveness, profitability, loyalty, and advocacy. Beyond the bottom line, organizations also evolve into truly social businesses, where technology becomes an enabler for something of greater purpose, improved communication, connections, and collaboration between people.

Arik Hanson and I made it to week two of our Talking Points Podcast. No podfade in sight!

We’re back with our thoughts on a variety of links we spotted - from a slow holiday week - that those of you working in PR, social media and marketing may find helpful.

Here’s Episode 2.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback.

SHOW NOTES - July 10, 2014

“CMOs Are Preparing for Digital to Grow to 75% of Marketing Budgets But almost half are worried about managing this change”

“Every Company Is A Media Company - Here’s What’s Missing: Service”

“10 New Marketing Job Titles You Should Get Used To Seeing”

“Why 34 minutes a day isn’t enough for your social media”

"Everything I’ve Learned About Brand Advocacy, Now Summarized By Taylor Swift"

“How a bank got reddit talking about Roth IRAs”